Dave Doyle

Usability/UI Design Portfolio

Over the 10+ years I have worked in software design and development, I have had a chance to get involved in a number of different areas of the process. While I have spent time working as a system administrator, technical project manager and developer, the majority of my work has been in leading UI development and performing usability analysis and UX design. Some of the projects I have been involved in, and my role within the project, are showcased here.
Network Events and Tuning
Network Events and Tuning UI (2008)
Research and Development into novel ways of collecting, setting up and reporting on network events. Working as the UI lead, I developed prototypes of all parts of the system, working with technical and non-technical audience, and came up with a configuration, tuning and reporting system for the web. I received a patent for this project. more >
History Tool
History Tool (2006)
A multi-year UI development project building a large-scale, web-based application. My involvement included capturing requirements, developing an iteration plan, leading user brainstorming and UI development, developing both paper and computer-based prototypes, and providing expert evaluation and usability analysis. more >
Legal Workshop
Legal Workshop (2005)
A mid-sized project creating a customizable framework for UI-based tools. I led the re-engineering effort for this project, including surveying customers, leading brainstorming sessions, establishing both the overall vision and UI standards documentation, prototyping, researching and determining technology, serving as a technology expert, providing web development training, developing paper and computer based prototypes and performing expert evaluation. more >
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart (1999)
A customizable online store/shopping cart developed for non-technical users. I was in charge of the re-engineering effort, user research, requirements gathering and implementation, and the development of new, sellable features for this web-based application. more >
PetCARE (1998)
An educational website for pet owners created in the early days of the web. I led the design, development, content analysis, usability evaluation and development of customer satisfaction surveys. more >


Older projects

A few of my older projects that I am still proud to have worked on show the early phases of my interest in usability, UI design and software development. Please remember that these were created quite a while ago and are not necessarily up to today's standards.

Chemical Dependency Counselor's Office
A functional prototype of an integrated desktop system for chemical dependency counselors. Written in Swing, I served as one of the primary developers and the UI expert. I also established the overall system requirements. more >
Dave's Daily Nerd Humor (zip file)
The first niche website that I ran myself, which delivered a new humor file of interest to computer geeks each day. Though created early in the history of the web, the site did well for itself and gained over 250,000 visits within the two and a half years it ran (2/97 - 10/99).
Computer Science 1001 (zip file)
An early attempt at putting a college computer class on the web. This class was 'Introduction to Computers,' a way for non-computer people to learn about computers. This class ended up winning the Teaching Assistant WWW design contest.
Computer Science 3101 (zip file)
Another early attempt at putting another college computer class on the web - 'Introduction to FORTRAN for Scientists and Engineers.' This class ended up being a Runner up in the Teaching Assistant WWW design contest. It is also the showcase of the research I did on learning programming using animation.